About Cody

Executive Director, Founding Member

Cody Kretsinger, a cybersecurity professional with a deep passion for empowering individuals, particularly at-risk youth and IT professionals, has dedicated over two decades of his life to the ever-evolving field of cybersecurity. His remarkable journey in this domain began with hands-on experience in incident response, where he became a renowned problem-solver and leader, adept at managing complex security incidents and protecting organizations from data breaches.

Cody's expertise later expanded into penetration testing, where he developed an intricate understanding of the hacker's mindset. This knowledge allowed him to proactively identify system vulnerabilities and assist clients in shoring up their defenses against potential cyber threats.However, his passion for cybersecurity transcended the corporate realm. Cody recognized the urgent need to equip at-risk youth with the skills required to navigate the digital landscape safely. This realization inspired him to establish the Illinois Cyber Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing education, resources, and mentorship to underserved youth and aspiring IT professionals.

Under Kretsinger's leadership, the Illinois Cyber Foundation has become a beacon of hope for those seeking opportunities in cybersecurity. By prioritizing diversity and inclusion, Cody aims to bridge the digital divide and empower the next generation of cyber defenders.

Today, Cody remains deeply committed to education, tirelessly working to inspire, educate, and guide individuals from all walks of life toward a brighter and more secure digital future. With his blend of real-world experience and a heart for community outreach, Cody continues to lead the charge in creating a safer and more inclusive cyber world for all.